Images are constantly transformed, rewritten, reedited and reprogrammed, for as long as they travel the web and are visually alte- red in each case. All images are accessible, but the Internet ecosystem is very fragile, that is why it should be preserved. It appears, this way, a desire of collect and construct a personal identity through foreign images. Under the DIY concept, history products are manipulated to divert them from their initial purpose and reutilise their parts. We are confronted by a collection of human work residues, meaning, a subgroup of culture that is built under the desire of showing a beauty that is inherent to some kind of images that are not our own.

The piece is made of forgotten files, lost in the memory of the vast desert that Youtube represents. Single scenes, unedited, uploaded for long periods of time and with very little views. Every composition is made of 4 video files taken from one single Youtube channel.